LEACAN 14+ National Network

The charity LEACAN 14+ Ltd, was the national network for staff in local authorities providing a platform for professional development in the pursuit of improving the learning experiences and outcomes for all young people aged 14-19. Utopia Multimedia worked with LEACAN for 8 years advising them on technical solutions and maintaining their website.

Although the website had a public facing front, it is also had a platform for LEACAN members to obtain the latest information only available to those who subscribed to LEACANs services. LEACANs members, and their staff  are spread throughout the UK, and the website was their main way of communicating with each other.

With a content management system that featured membership management, email alerts, secure information and social media integration it was a platform that had the flexibility and power that a national organisation requires.

LEACAN ceased to trade in 2016 due to a change in Government agenda not suiting the charity’s focus and vision.